• SGD$80/hour for event shoots; minimum of 2 hours booking billed at 15-minute increments
  • Delivery within 100 minutes after event; or within 3 days if processing requested
  • 50-150 photos per hour of shooting
  • SGD$40/hour for simple processing of photos after events (optional)
  • Photography work only; no videography provided
  • Do discuss lighting conditions of venue before engaging services for the best results

Note: The above photos are best viewed on a desktop or laptop computer for optimal quality. Only minimal processing (i.e. cropping, brightness/contrast adjustments) were made to the images on this website. No photoshopping or image editing was done. Eric’s photos are good enough to be used without specialised processing.

Eric did not consider himself as being gifted artistically including with conventional studio photography. At the invitation of some Filipino friends, he tried pageant photography in 2014. When the pageant contestants preferred his photographs over that of the official photographers’, Eric realised that his candid photography has commercial value.

Eric takes a minimalist approach to photography – natural lighting, light lens, high mobility – to capture the naturalistic shots from the unusual angles eluding other photographers hampered down by heavy equipment. Eric has also streamlined his work processes so that he can quickly process for his photos at a quality good enough for most people to accept.

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