Virtual Reality Education

In the future that I saw, babies stay in a technology free nursery where they familiarize themselves with their physical bodies and learn to manipulate objects in their physical environment. After they have sufficient mastery of the physical world and their body, they go to kindergarten where they enter a limited version of virtual reality. Here, they familiarize themselves with life in different bodies – human, animal and fantasy bodies.

They also learn how to mold the virtual reality environment, such as materializing, moving and altering objects using their thoughts. They explore and experience their senses in this environment. A few months of training later, they begin freely expressing themselves with their very own “mindscapes” and sharing these with other people.

After graduating from kindergarten, they enroll in the “Experiential School of Humanity”, whose curriculum traces the evolution of Humanity from nomadic individuals to tribes to city states to the Industrial Age to the Space Civilization.

In this school, students learn by experiencing history. Before starting a new level, students sit down with their guardian-teachers and review the different kinds civilization, characters and challenges that they wish to experience. They enter their chosen civilization in Virtual Reality in an induced dream state to live as the characters they sought to learn from, forgetting that their experiences are false so that they can enter their character fully.

To learn about the Theory of Relativity, they can become Albert Einstein. To learn about warfare, they can fight as generals and foot soldiers in the wars ranging from Roman times to modern Iraqi. They can experience tribal life and live among the people of the various ancient civilizations. They can try out different careers in the industrial 20th century. They can participate in the design and building of the Space Cities before Humanity’s Great Migration.

By the time they graduate from school, they would have lived as rulers and slaves, as rich merchants and filthy beggars, as the conquerors and conquered. They would have worshiped many different religions and died many times fighting for different ideologies and leaders. They would have experienced life living in different cultures, as different races, speaking different languages.

Having experienced the Big Picture of Humanity’s evolution, they vow never to repeat the mistakes of their ancestors again. World Peace shall reign forevermore and Heaven shall come to Earth.