The Future of Humanity

My childhood dream was to use the power of science to solve Humanity’s problems. I imagined starting a large business like Bill Gates. With my newly acquired funds, I would create a research foundation that will hire the best scientists in the world. My team will research a cure for cancer and reverse the terrible environmental damage Humanity had inflicted on Planet Earth. However, my dream changed as I matured. I discovered that knowledge and technology was not the limiting factor for Humanity’s growth – it was the human attitude.

Humanity has embraced scientific materialism, where anything that cannot be measured or touched was considered irrelevant. The price of gaining the power to control the material world was a loss of the soul, neglecting of the body and manipulation of the heart. Rather than aspire to reach for the stars and unite, Humanity today is full of suffering and strife, unable to even agree on not to kill each other. It is in fact, tethering on the possibility of wiping itself out with its weapons, be they biological, nuclear or nanological (e.g. grey goo).

We are led into a dark cynical existence: a world where desires are aroused in us yet the means to fulfill them do not exist, a world where dreams are squashed for ‘our own good’ when we ‘grow up’, a world where people judge each other based on material possessions and achievements, a world where spiritual experiences are considered disorders that require medication, and a thoroughly fake world where we turn ourselves into ‘tourists’ getting fake experiences of places, cultures and social relationships.

Having had done inner work on myself since 2002, I am now starting on a new phase of my life in 2017. My first mission is to find a way to reintroduce Goodness, Beauty, Meaning, and Authenticity back to Humanity in a manner which is aligned with an atheistic modern technological society. My life coaching service aims to help both autistic people as well as others who seek to bring balance and deep meaning back to their own lives. In time to come, it will expand into an international endeavor that will counteract the radical and destructive forces as well as the escapist and disconnecting forces affiliating Humanity.

My second mission is to create an international organization which will alleviate the suffering on this Planet brought by disasters, overpopulation, conflicts, exploitation and other matters. Working in a constructive and peaceful way with all the stakeholders, it aims to direct and channel efforts, resources, research, attention and help to bring into practical life the experience of Goodness, Beauty, Meaning and Authenticity. Inspired by Lee Kuan Yew, both diplomacy and assertiveness will be used strategically with a long-term perspective of permanently eradicating the problems.

My third mission is to help unite Humanity under a World Government, after the inevitable collapse of our unsustainable modern civilization. This government will then resolve Humanity’s global issues as a unified force, declare the entire Planet Earth as a Natural Sanctuary, migrate technological Humanity into space and develop the technology to go to the stars.

This is a huge undertaking and will take my entire life to accomplish, even if I succeed.

The 21st century has so far proven painful and difficult for most people. The collective consciousness of Humanity is mirrored in the popular movies showing dystopian futures: Humanity is at war with robots, aliens, diseases, dark conspiracies, and evil technology. Humanity is losing or has lost its soul.

Humans can only create what they can imagine. In order for Humanity to collectively bring about a positive future, we must first visualize such a future. Hence, I am sharing my vision of Humanity where Humanity has renounced warfare, used advanced technology to solve its problems and preserved Planet Earth for future generations to come.

Only when we come to the end of charity, when we do not need charity any more, is World Poverty finally over. Only when we have come to the end of religion, when we do not need religion any more, is Salvation finally here. Only when we have come to the end of advocacy, when we do not need to advocate anymore, is the message finally heard. It is only when we are willing to lose our jobs can we truly solve the problems confronting us. Very few people are willing to lose their jobs, since they have no idea what they will do afterward and they lose their usefulness for other people. Thus, even as they struggle to solve the problems they face, they also work hard to maintain the status quo.