The Founding of the World Government

In the future that I saw, the collapse of the existing global civilization created the possibility of a new beginning for Humanity.

Survivors of the more isolated countries, which are self-sufficient and separated from potentially hostile neighbors with a natural barrier, came together to organize the new World Government that will put an end to the old, unsustainable system. But it has to solve the global Humanitarian crisis first.

The Transitional World Government began the biggest logistical operation in recorded history. Civilian and military personnel performed round the clock airdrops worldwide. They rushed to set up emergency shelters, field hospitals and information centers. One by one, the other nations agreed to join the World Government in exchange for aid and security guarantees. The massive bleeding of human lives slowed, then stopped.

Under guardianship of the Transitional World Government, all the nations around the world dismantled their old political, financial and social structures. Banks, real estate, intellectual property, taxes and military forces no longer existed. A common currency operating over a secured electronic network prevailed. When people transacted with this network, a small portion of their transaction is automatically distributed equally to everyone in the network.

Secrecy was gone forever – now everyone knows what everyone is doing. Financial transactions, salaries, personal details, proprietary recipes, business suppliers and classified military documents are now in the public domain over the Internet. Whenever people wish to make a purchase or use a service, they can find the best deals in the universal database. They may even opt to build the product or supply the service themselves. No one is exempt: even government personnel must disclose all their private information.