Humanity migrates to Outer Space

In the future that I saw, the Transitional World government invited the top scientists from all the different communities to the First Global Space Conference. The Chinese, Indians, Russians, Americans, Africans and all different races and nationalities have united under the same mission: to safely and permanently migrate Technological Humanity to space as quickly as possible.

Humanity has already done terrible damage to Planet Earth. Despite the urgent efforts to stem the damage by the World Government, the long-term solution was for Humanity to return the planet to Mother Nature and migrate to space.

The scientists were given an ambitious deadline of 15 years to develop the technologies that will enable the construction of the first space city with a design that can be economically replicated to accommodate the entire world population. With former enemies freely sharing what was once secret military technologies, the scientists succeeded in building the means for Humanity to thrive in space.

Every community then came together to schedule and plan for their part in the mass migration to outer space.