A Perfect Storm for Humanity

In the future that I saw, a perfect storm of both natural and financial disasters hits the world. Strained to the breaking point, heavily indebted governments could no longer prop up the unsustainable economic system. The global economy collapses uncontrollably as all the world’s stock markets and currency exchanges shut down abruptly with everything displaying the number zero.

Factories shut down production. Ships lay dormant in shipyards. Trucks stopped moving. Riots started all over the world as angry and desperate people looted stores. Wielding banners and metal bars, they shouted slogans and burned their now worthless cash in huge bonfires. Even the police force and army joined the mob. The situation was like New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, multiplied a thousand times and happening all over the world.

The delegates in the United Nations conference hall looked desperate and forlorn. With all member nations in disarray, they were powerless. Many desperate governments declared war on their neighbors, blaming them for the disaster, in order to grab much needed food and water supplies from their new conquests. Angry mobs clashed with other angry mobs in a mad frenzy of killing. Tanks rolled into towns with artillery fire raining around them.

The world was hungry. The world was desperate. The world was angry. The world was on fire. Billions perished in the ensuring chaos and suffering. Fortunately, the world somehow stopped short of using nuclear weapons.