A New Hope

The era of crisis has arrived for Humanity
Well-developed externally but corrupted internally
Truth and falsity can no longer be distinguished
One has lost the soul and forgotten the true self

The elderly and infant are treated equally
Males and females become indistinguishable
The fair and foul cannot be resolved
North-South-East-West has lost all meaning

Misleading teachers sprout nonsense
Spiritual guidance deviates from the right path
There is too much theory and too little action
Ignorantly relying and trusting

Choose convenience and lose principles
Choose shortcuts and arrive at dead ends
Choose to be assimilated and abandon humanity
Choose to vanish and give up on life

No one discovers that real people have become fakes
No one questions the distortion of the truth
No one corrects the reversed wisdom
No one snatches back the stolen spirit

Distinguish true light and false brightness
Judge between true love and false mercy
Understand true clarity and false serenity
Choose between a real person and a puppet

Wisdom changes with the times
Broken old methods are replaced by new ones
Within the dark ages arises a new hope
Working together we will defeat the corrupted

The Hidden Path takes the world by storm
The Disappearing Path promotes self-sufficiency
The Human Heart Path grants a soul
The Eternal Path guides humanity