Seperation of Governance & Politics

A migov sees itself as a social enterprise which provides infrastructural services. It will neither participate in politics, nor intervene in both social or personal problems. The former is the job of political parties. The latter will be the job of other social enterprises, charities or businesses dedicated to solving these matters.

Citizens are free to vote for their political party as in a typical democracy. Once elected, the Political Party In Power (PPIP) will have gain the following rights:

  • Handle international relationships
  • Make statements on behalf of the nation
  • Control half of the taxes collected by the government, to be allocated to projects or causes that it sees fit (including infrastructural subsidies and military expenses)

The PPIP does not have the following rights:

  • Receive loans
  • Impose or lift taxes
  • Make war or peace (but it can use its funds to improve the military in a specific manner)

All transactions by both the government as well as the PPIP must be transparent and updated in real time for the public to view. The political separation has the following benefits:

  • Government officers can avoid being drawn into lose-lose controversies (such as cutting taxes vs. eliminating social welfare benefits) and focus on its core job of supporting the nation’s functioning
  • Regardless of the political leadership, we will retain an experienced team of civil servants.