Plans after Financial Freedom

Imagine: One day, after years of hard work, your investments have paid off and are offering you a reliable and consistent stream of passive income. Finally, you can quit your day job and retire for the rest of your life.

So what will you do now? Travel the world? Move to a quiet countryside and live a simple life? Pursue your hobbies full-time? Instead of spending money on ourselves or donating to charities, I propose a few ideas to change the world that I am planning to fulfill:


1) Create a Sanctuary for the Gifted

I know of some people who have special gifts that could make a major contribution to Humanity. However, their gifts are not recognized by mainstream society, and they experience difficulty living with mainstream society. I would like to create a sanctuary which would take care of their survival needs, provide them with like-minded peers to work on projects, and provide mentors to help them use their gifts properly.

In time to come, I would like the Sanctuary to be the headquarters of all the talented and passionate people who want to make a different. These people will come from all around the world, to unite under the symbol of the New Dawn of Humanity. Scientists, engineers, doctors, politicians, lawyers, businesspeople, environmentalists, activists, spiritual/religious workers etc are all welcome.


2) Conduct research & find ways to make a major difference

Along with the Sanctuary, I would like to create a research lab to conduct the scientific research that can make a big difference to the world.

The first research area is to make products and services used by poor people, whom large businesses and research institutes find financially unprofitable to explore. For instance, how to build tsunami proof houses using available local materials, how to build a cheap water collector device for use in deserts and how to treat skin diseases in Amazonian indigenous people who have no access to medical doctors etc.

A second research area is to find a way to accurately predict, and stop natural disasters from occurring. One idea is to use cheap Salter Pumps to stop typhoons from forming.

A third research area is to find ways to provide relief to those hit by a one-off disaster, disease and poverty. Projects I am looking into include building a spirulina farm to provide supplies for disaster relief.


3) Bust Exploitative or Harmful Patents

I already have my sights set on some companies which are exploiting other people using their intellectual property. Just imagine the difference we can make, if we follow the examples below:

– Imperial College experts have developed a potentially cheaper version of an existing Hepatitis C drug by altering the molecular structure.

– EFF has launched the Patent Busting Project to take down some of worst software patent offenders.


4) Sponsor dedicated individuals unconditionally

I believe that most of us know a few people who have a deep burning passion for a good cause. The problem is that they are not keen to compromise on their principles to turn their passion into a commercial enterprise. Hence, they survive on a shoestring budget and make the best of the little money they can find.

What if we support them with a relatively small amount of money? We can leverage on their work to create a huge impact.

Why unconditionally? Because conditional sponsorships have a tendency to develop into ugly power struggles. If we want to help these independently minded people, we ought to give up any desire for control over them. As long as these people have integrity and financial common sense, we can entrust them with the money that will just allow them to break-even and keep their passions running.