Mini Government

Governments have grown bigger and fatter around the world, as citizens demand more and more services. This is aided by a political system which encourages politicians to over-promise but under-deliver, and to provide short-term benefits to the citizens instead of long term investments. As a result, major governments worldwide are now bankrupt.

It is time to make¬†fundamental changes to how we govern people so that we can have a sustainable system. Otherwise, even if we resolve today’s crises, we will encounter a bigger one in the future. Hence, I advocate the concept of the mini-government (or migov in short).

A migov focuses on providing a safe and secure infrastructure for its citizens and businesses. This means that it will have only the following:

  • A military that will defend itself from aggressors
  • A legal framework for citizens and businesses to operate
  • A police force to enforce the legal framework
  • Basic physical infrastructure that will allow families and business to function (e.g. transportation, electrical power, postal services, communications)
  • Self-sustaining infrastructural monopolies which are run as individual social enterprises
  • Simple, self-sustaining taxation to for wealth redistribution and political parties
  • Endorsement of a fixed, reliable monetary system beyond government control (e.g.¬†standardized digital gold or Bitcoins)