Migrate to space

Migrating to outer space and making Planet Earth a Natural Reserve is the ultimate solution to solving our environmental solution while preserving our own lifestyles. In addition, we can find many solutions to Humanity’s problems in outer space.

1) Living space: As the name suggests, we have more than enough space out there. The human population can easily expand into the trillions without any issue.

2) Boundless resources: Massive amounts of free solar energy and abundant precious metal deposits in asteroids are just the starters. Imagine gold becoming as cheap as coal!

3) Safe experimentation: We can handle dangerous diseases and conduct potentially dangerous genetics or physics experiments in space labs. If anything goes wrong, just seal off the lab and send it crashing into the Sun. Currently, experiments are done on Planet Earth with potentially disastrous results.

4) Disaster proof: There will be no worries about tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes, floods and other natural disasters. There may be solar storms, rouge asteroids, gamma ray bursts and other new dangers, but good engineering design and protective sensors should prevent any incidents.

Granted, life may feel boring for those who are used to living on this planet. There will always be advanced virtual realities, space forests and eco-tours to Planet Earth to look forward to.