The Way of the Wheel

The Invisible, Disappearing Teaching was known in the past
But we have forgotten to use it to solve our problems
As proof, I name the wheel
Which was invented in the distant past

The wheel is humble; it sits meekly below the vehicle
Silently shouldering the weight of all those above
Thus the wheel is important
But no one notices a wheel that works well

The wheel allows humans to do many more chores much faster
Without relying on Gods or the Heavens
Work is done by the humans’ own effort
But the wheel never received thanks; only complains when it fails

The wheel’s inventor is unknown; his identity lost forever
Even if known, his name is useless to our world
Only the wheel is important
No one bothers to notice the inventor


Thus I proclaim, the wheel is an invisible, disappearing invention
Once invented, it works invisibly to serve Humanity
Once created, its inventor retires
No one notices that their workload has forever been lightened

But we all know that we cannot do without the wheel
On the wheel rests our mechanical technology
Like 1 + 1 = 2
The wheel is what made modern technology possible

How many of us dare to be this unknown inventor
To forsake recognition, self-conceit, and dependency
And retire at the height of our career
So our achievements are taken for granted and thus never ever lost

How many of us dare to practice this special teaching
To forsake enlightenment, wisdom and mastery
To disappear just when we have succeeded
So our work is taken for granted and thus never ever lost


In this era where everyone wants others to become dependent on them
Where powerful governments and corporations dominate our lives
Who dares to strike at the heart of Oppression
Like tiny David striking giant Goliath with a stone

In this era where people order others to do their bidding with money
Where religions worry more about finding donations than finding God
Who dares to preach a different scripture
Ending their predecessors’ legacy and retiring their own priests

In this era where countless false teachers of great fame dominate
Promising enlightenment and wisdom through their expensive courses
Who dares to reveal their great fraud
Becoming an outcast under the shadow of these false teachers

In this era where politicians and CEOs make headlines
Promising great ambitions and claiming to work miracles
Who dares to remove their pedestals
And thus forever renounce their own claim to leadership


Brave is the one who dares to try
Who has no need of the big and complex, the control and profits
Who simply puts an end to the problems
And thus renouncing other’s dependency on himself

Wise is the one who dares to try
For people only know how to create problems but not solve them
The smarter he is, the more foolish he seems
A doctor who cures away his very own livelihood

Insane is the one who dares to try
He renounces everything yet profits nothing from his work
This teaching has nothing for him to cling on
Yet he shall be free from being depended on

The invisible disappearing teaching is hard to practice
Because it asks for the greatest price of all
The one who pays forfeits his claim to influence
But he succeeds in benefiting Humanity forever