Legal Protection for Food Donations

The amount of food wasted in first world countries such as Singapore is astonishing. There are hundreds of millions of starving people in the world, yet buffets and dinners at restaurants routinely throw tons of good food away.

While there may be a limit to what governments can do to require people to stop wasting food, there is much it can do to protect those who decide to donate their food.

I appeal for all governments to enact the following:
1) Indemnity against lawsuits regarding the donated food
2) Indemnity against government food-related regulations regarding the donated food
3) Establishing a framework of recommended code of conduct, supervision and recognition for food donor/receiver organizations
4) Establish certification regarding the safety and quality of donated food

Ensuring that the needy have enough to eat while reducing waste is a win-win solution. Governments can spend less on social welfare, score points with its citizenry and save Planet Earth at the same time. All it has to do, is to make it safe for people to share their leftovers.