Global Intentional Communities

The people worldwide reexamined their thinking and beliefs. Recognizing the diversity of beliefs and lifestyles on Planet Earth, they developed a plan to allow almost everyone the freedom to live their lifestyles, as long as everyone respected each other.

Nations dismantled themselves and reallocated their land for Intentional Communities. Anyone can form a community to attract other people with common passions and interests to live with them. Liberated from the old materialistic and nationalistic mindset, people vacated the ravaged cities for the millions of new villages worldwide to practise their faith, religious ideology or life passion.

It was no longer expected for people to hold down a day job to make a living. People in the new communities create their own rules on how to share the workload. They will however, follow a few universal rules:

  1. Anyone who desires to leave the community must be allowed to do so.
  2. The lives of all people in each community shall be fully transparent and available for all members to see.
  3. The universal currency must be accepted by all communities.
  4. Each community shall not judge or interfere with the activities or policies in other communities.