Envisioning the future of Humanity

The 21st century has so far proven painful and difficult for most people. The collective consciousness of Humanity is mirrored in the popular movies showing dystopian futures: Humanity is at war with robots, aliens, diseases, dark conspiracies and evil technology.

Humans can only create what they can imagine. In order for Humanity to collectively bring about a positive future, we must first visualize such a future. Hence, I am sharing my vision of Humanity where Humanity has renounced warfare, used advanced technology to solve its problems and preserved Planet Earth for future generations to come.

Only when we come to the end of charity, when we do not need charity any more, is World Poverty finally over. Only when we have come to the end of religion, when we do not need religion any more, is Salvation finally here. Only when we have come to the end of advocacy, when we do not need to advocate anymore, is the message finally heard.

Thus, it is only when we are willing to lose our jobs can we truly solve the problems confronting us. Very few people are willing to lose their jobs, since they have no idea what they will do afterwards. Thus, the world continues to perpetuate the problems they face, even as they struggle to solve these problems.