International Indigo Coalition

The International Indigo Coalition (IIC) was formed to help fulfill Humanity’s Dreams:

  1. Humanity breaks the speed of light and goes to the Stars
  2. Humanity lives in peace and unity
  3. Humanity lives in freedom without having to do meaningless work
  4. Planet Earth returns to Nature, free from human abuse and exploitation

It is impossible for Humanity to achieve these dreams given its current situation.
The unsustainable social structures used by Humanity will eventually lead to a cataclysm worldwide.
Although Humanity is aware of the threat of extinction, it still collectively chooses to continue with its ways.

The IIC does not aim to change the present world but to instead prepare for the coming cataclysm.
Once Humanity experiences the cataclysm, it will collectively awaken and learn that it must change its ways.
Our mission is to ensure that Humanity can overcome this crisis, create a World Government supportive of fulfilling its dreams, and successfully enter the Space Age.


Before the cataclysm, we will not try to change the existing social structures, since that will be futile.
Instead, we will act as a neutral and helpful force, standing against the Darkness and Suffering of the world.
Basically, our role is to do the opposite of what terrorists do, we are Humanity’s insurance policy, we are the Ark of Human Civilization, and the bridge to fulfill Humanity’s Dreams.

We will vigorously prepare for the coming cataclysm and its follow-up.
We will strategically do what Humanity needs, but what very few people are willing to do.
We will save lives, reduce suffering, improve living conditions, promote harmony and mediate conflicts.

Our work is done in the open, our plans for the future are announced for everyone to study.
We will be neutral regarding Humanity’s choices, neither speeding up nor hindering the cataclysm.
We do not wish to make enemies of any government or organisations, we only wish to discreetly help to reduce suffering and find win-win solutions.