I created this website to share some important ideas and solutions to solving Humanity’s global problems.

My childhood dream was to use the power of science to solve Humanity’s problems. I imagined starting a highly profitable business like Bill Gates. With my newly acquired funds, I would create a research foundation that will hire the best scientists in the world. My team and I will jointly research a cure for cancer and reverse the terrible environmental damage Humanity had inflicted on Planet Earth.

As I matured, my dream changed. I discovered that knowledge and technology was not the limiting factor for Humanity’s growth – it was the human attitude.

Why do some people smoke, eat junk food, owe mountains of debt and do other activities that harm themselves? Why do some people refuse to take action to solve their own problems, or allow others to help them? And if people are not willing to be responsible for their own lives, hoping to delegate responsibility to their governments, how could Humanity solve its own problems?

In many ways, we have the solutions to many of our problems. We have more than enough food for everyone, if everyone gave up eating meat. We can put an end to war, if we have a unified World Government. We have more than enough renewable energy, if the world’s governments diverted the money spent on their armed forces and used it to build solar arrays in space orbit.

Here are a few examples of inappropriate choices in the past few years:

1. The financial crisis of 2008-2009, like many others before it, was caused by the excessive concentration of risk among a limited number of entities or participants. The Islamic full-reserve banking system, which requires the sharing of risk instead of its transfer, can put a stop to this systematic problem if imposed in the major economies. Rather than calling for reform using proven methods, most people were more interested to go on a witch-hunt for bankers with obscene bonuses.

2. Protesters stopped the Japanese government from restarting idle nuclear reactors to supply urgently needed electricity after the terrible tsunami in 11 March 2011. As a result, Japan endured blackouts and paid dearly for fossil fuels. Japan has the safest nuclear reactors in the world, and the chance of another nuclear disaster is virtually nil. Weaning Japan from nuclear energy can wait until after new replacement power plants are constructed. Shutting down nuclear reactors also does not stop or reduce the radiation that was already released earlier.

3. In August 2013, 400 Filipino farmers destroy vitamin A enriched GM rice crops in a government research facility was meant to prevent malnutrition in their home country. Despite the lack of solid scientific evidence regarding the dangers of GM foods, many people refuse to eat GM foods while they smoke, drink alcohol and eat junk food with impunity. The core issue is unethical corporations exploiting small farmers which should be addressed with government legislation and exposés of the guilty corporations’ misdeeds. GM food is the technology of the future, and will be embraced by governments worldwide when climate change and a rapidly growing world population create a major food crisis.

4. In 2010, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi took over the so-called Islamic State (ISIS). He soon went on a cruel and violent rampage rivaling that of Adolf Hitler during World War 2. ISIS has no friends and only enemies among other nations. Its cruel ways are condemned even by other terrorists. Yet the United Nations refused to immediately send troops to defeat ISIS. As a result, ISIS now has a chance to secretly develop weapons of mass destruction. A potential scenario is releasing a deadly virus during the Haj, so that the Muslims will unknowingly spread it to every country in the world when they return home. To the evil ISIS members, sacrificing their own lives to kill their enemies is the greatest honor. They will die smiling as their weapons kill themselves and everyone else.

5. In 2016, a new type of Zika virus is spreading worldwide and causing babies to be born with defective heads. A conspiracy theory is also spreading that it is GM mosquitoes (released to stop mosquitoes from breeding) that have somehow created the mutated Zika virus. This is not the first time people reject their saviors: doctors were also violently chased away during the 2014 Eloba outbreak.

People have lost both the trust and respect for authority. They speak confidently on subjects that they have little knowledge about. They often repeat what they hear (even if it is from the alternative media) without additional reflection.

Whenever I go against their views, the attitude I often encounter is hostility and not curiosity. I realized that people are more interested to be right, then to be constructive. They want to fight an enemy, not to find a true solution. They want to tell you what they think, and not to entertain the possibility of changing their opinions.

This is a website for people who seek constructive ways to create effective change.